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deauville map ...and will help you to feel at home during your treatment. For a day, a break, a weekend or a week, you will enjoy a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere. If you do not feel like preparing any meal during the day, there is a nice dietetic restaurant in the center open at noon.
deauville rental The Deauville Algotherm Thalassotherapy Spa is centrally located close to the beach and town.

The staff of the spa will guide you through the well-being areas, treatment cabins and different health pools. You may then enjoy the benefits of unique treatments and specific spa programmes developed by a skilled medical staff.

The center Algotherm splits into 5 areas :

- The Marine Area for specific thalasso treatments : Seaweed, sea mud, affusion showers, Vichy showers, hydromassage bath, medical hydrojet

- The Physiology Area and gentle energies Area for massages based on Eastern traditions : Shiatsu, foot or cranial reflexology, nuad bo ram, essential oils massage, baby massage. For massage and drainage : Lymphatic drainage, foot massage, body massage, muscle relaxing massage, Cellu M6, manual palpate and roll technique.

- The Aquaforme Area(cardio-training and gym room, swimming and gym classes, sauna, 32°C warmed sea water swimming pool equipped with jet streams, relaxation room equipped with mattress of warm water, patio, solarium)

- The Beauty Salon for body and face treatment programmes providing guaranted visible aeshetic results using Algotherm marine cosmetics and chromo-energising massage

The Algotherm spa in Deauville offers a wide range of treatments using the line of products Algotherm: Beauty, Vitality, Antenatal, Postnatal, Oriental, Special Back Pains, Slimness, Heavy Legs, Anti-cellulite.


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